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J.L. Wingert Feeders
Bypass Feeders
Wingert Bypass Feeders are designed to provide you with a rugged and dependable means of introducing treatment chemicals into hot and chilled water, or other liquid streams. Simplicity of design and ease of operation is inherent in every Wingert Bypass Feeder. With three styles to choose from, the J.L. Wingert Company offers the widest variety of feeders in the industry.
  • 200 PSI (13.6 Bar) at 200° F (90° C)
  • 3 ½" closure
  • Flat or Dome Bottom available in 2, 5, 12 and 18 gallon capacities
  • High-Pressure (300 PSI) available in 2, 5 & 12 gallon capacities
  • Select models are available with ASME code construction
  • Complete line of accessories
  • Stainless steel construction and epoxy coating available on selected models
  • Custom configurations may be requested
Call 972-602-4438 for information & pricing.

Filter Feeders
Wingert Filter Feeders eliminate the need for a separate bypass feeder and filter - all in one space saving, valve limiting design. As rugged and dependable as our complete line of bypass feeders, the filter feeder offers ease of installation with precise filtering capabilities down to 25 microns. Wingert Filter Feeders are available in both flat and dome bottom models. 
  • Up to 200 PSI (13.6 Bar) at 200° F (90° C)
  • 2, 5 & 12 gallon capacities
  • Flat Bottom in Regular or High Capacity
  • Dome Bottom in Regular or High Capacity
  • Standard 25 micron filter included, other ratings available upon request
  • Custom configurations may be requested
Call 972-602-4438 for information & pricing.

Pleated Filter Feeders
Pleated Filter Feeders combine chemical addition and filtering in one piece of equipment. They prove to be a convenient way to introduce chemicals into hot or cold water closed circulating systems. The Wingert Pleated Filter Feeder has a larger filtration volume/capacity than any other filter feeder on the market today. Our unique handle top filter holder design keeps hands safely away from potentially harmful chemicals, while our full bottom drain easily voids chemical residual.
  • Filtration can be achieved at the same time as chemical addition
  • Comes with a standard 20 micron filter, other filters available
  • Most standard 9-10 inch cartridge filters can be used
  • Easy cleaning filter design
  • Pleated design gives larger/increased filter surface area
  • 1/4 turn positive seal closure and quick release cap
  • Maximum pressure 200 PSI (13.6 Bar) at 200° F (90° C)
  • 2 & 5 gallon capacities
  • Carbon steel construction
  • Perfect for shot/slug feeding chemicals into closed loop systems, cooling towers or boilers
Call 972-602-4438 for information & pricing.

Bromine Feeders
This new addition to our extensive feeder line adds chemical resistance without topical coatings that scratch. These fiberglass feeders have CPVC closures and come in flat and dome bottom models that are rated for 120° F at 150 psi. Complete the installation by adding valve packages & air release valves.
  • 2, 5, 12 & 15 gallon capacities
  • Unique 1” NPT threaded port in closure
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*Literature is available upon request
*For prices and more information email sales@texaswatertechnologies.com or call 972-602-4438.

We sell a complete line of (LMI) Liquid Metronics products. We carry a large inventory for almost any need and we offer some of the best prices in the industry. Our fast shipping and service after the sale set us apart from the competition. Please call 972-602-4438 for more info.

We sell a complete line of Harmsco Filtration solutions for both industrial and residential applications. We also sell replacement filters for all Harmsco filters. The patented upflow filtration process has superior performance over traditional methods. Some of the products include the Waterbetter series and Hurricane series. For more information please call 972-602-4438.
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