Texas Water Technologies LLC is a privately owned and operated water treatment company located in Arlington, TX. We sell industrial water treatment chemicals, feed and control equipment to treat for scale, corrosion, and microbiological growth. We also provide testing of water samples for condensor water, hot and chilled water systems along with water treatment consulting in various water related areas including commercial and industrial water systems.

We sell a complete line of (LMI) Liquid Metronics products. We carry a large inventory for almost any need and we offer some of the best prices in the industry. Our fast shipping and service after the sale set us apart from the competition. Please call 972-602-4438 for more info.

We sell a complete line of Harmsco Filtration solutions for both industrial and residential applications. We also sell replacement filters for all Harmsco filters. The patented upflow filtration process has superior performance over traditional methods. Some of the products include the Waterbetter series and Hurricane series. For more information please call 972-602-4438.
Products We Sell
Water Meters
JL Wingert Feeders
LMI Products
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